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CDI Advantages

Developmentally-Appropriate Curriculum

Our childcare curriculum provides a variety of opportunities for children to explore materials, engage in activities, and interact with other children and adults. It is designed to maximize the learning potential of the children through a balance of child-initiated and teacher-initiated activities. While always evolving, our curriculum is guided by the principal that all of our graduates should have the social, economical, and cognitive foundation necessary to succeed in school.

Comprehensive Program

Our program has been licensed by the State of Illinois and the City of Chicago since 1969. We provide instruction in language, math, science, physical development, fine arts, foreign language, and computers. We also incorporate frequent field trips and a variety of daily activities in our program. Daily offerings of breakfast, hot lunch, and two snacks provide nutritional meals for the children while in our care. All meals are planned and approved by a licensed nutritionist in the Child and Adult Care Food Program and comply with USDA nutrition guidelines.

State-of-the-Art Professionally Designed Playgrounds

While all of our facilities provide clean, safe and modern spaces for children, we are especially proud of our professionally-designed playgrounds. Our playgrounds are fun, challenging, and appropriate for all children ages 2 through 6. During our Outdoor Activity periods, the children are able to be physically active while participating in developmental activities.

Stable, Nurturing and Caring Staff

Our staff is one of the heartbeats of our organization. Our best teachers are spirited, vital and enthusiastic about their work. Childcare professionals are special people who have chosen the early childhood field because they have a genuine love for helping children grow and develop. Although the work can be arduous and the industry suffers high turnover, we at CDI are proud to report that over 50% of our teachers have been with us for over 5 years, and that over 20% of our staff has been on our team for 10 years or more. Part of our success at retention results from our desire to always treat our employees as professionals – offering industry-competitive wages, providing annual offsite professional development, offering certification assistance, participating in the GREAT START wage supplement program, participating in the TEACH tuition assistance program, offering 401K retirement accounts and health insurance benefits.

Licensed by the State of Illinois and City of Chicago

CDI’s childcare program has been licensed by the State of Illinois and City of Chicago since 1969 and is relicensed by the State every three years and by the City every year.

Collaboration and Accreditation

Our curriculum reflects the best modern early childhood research regarding developmentally-appropriate activities, including the Illinois Early Learning Standards, National Association for the Education of Young Children, State Pre-K Assessments and Guidance, Scholastic Early Learning Materials, Creative Curriculum Guidance and Work Sampling.