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Global Citizenship

The Children’s Developmental Institute pioneered our Global Citizenship program, which is dedicated to empowering children and helping them learn to respect and appreciate all people.  This unique program uses a project approach to explore the similarities and differences among cultures.  Our children become confident in their own culture, and eagerly embrace opportunities to learn new concepts.  Through this approach, children also gain important school-readiness skills including:

● Independent learning

● Critical Thinking

● Intercultural understanding

● Confidence

● Creative problem solving

● Team work

The Gall-Peters projection (shown below) is an equal-area projection which became the centrepiece of a controversy surrounding the political implications of map design. The argument goes something like this: Mercator inflates the sizes of regions as they gain distance from the equator. Since much of the developing world lies near the equator, these countries appear smaller and less significant. On Peters’s projection, by contrast, areas of equal size on the globe are also equally sized on the map so poorer, less powerful nations could be restored to their rightful proportions.