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Intentional Teacher Model

In the Intentional Teacher Model, “an intentional teacher aims at clearly defined learning objectives for children, employs instructional strategies likely to help children achieve the objectives, and continually assesses progress and adjusts the strategies based on that assessment.” (The Intentional Teacher, Ann S. Epstein, 2007, p. 4). Further, “The daily structure also prompts teachers to think about content broadly so they can include the full range of cognitive domains (introducing different subjects across activities) and social components (altering group size and composition; creating communities of shared interests and experiences) over the course of the day.” (The Intentional Teacher, Ann S. Epstein, 2007, p. 13).

CDI employs the Intentional Teacher Model. We understand that children learn through play – but because all play is not created equally, our teachers are trained to set up productive play experiences. They create a learning environment where they provide guidance in the use of the materials in the environment. Children have different learning needs that require different kinds of teacher/child interactions. Our teachers also observe the children and plan carefully to individualize lessons and measurable learning activities for each child.

Our teachers are taught to be keen observers and have been trained to apply the appropriate response based on their observation. The teacher training process at CDI prepares teachers to create dynamic, interactive learning environments that encourage each child to reason, cooperate, collaborate, negotiate and understand.